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GO™ RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Wristband

The GO™ RFID Wristband is the cornerstone of efficient and secure access control and payment for events, amusement parks, hotels as well as bars and clubs.

The GO™ RFID Wristband is the only secure RFID solution. An innovative design disables the RFID circuit when the wristband is removed, preventing unauthorized transfers of access rights or purchasing power.

The GO™ RFID Wristband is based on a standard RFID technology (13,560 MHZ, ISO 15693) and can be easily integrated into various applications.


GO™ RFID Wristbands allow your patrons to spend their time enjoying your venue instead of waiting in line.  ATM lines and fees are a thing of the past.  GO™ RFID Wristbands eliminate “transaction friction” resulting in higher per capita spending and improved customer experience.


Thanks to a patented, electronic mechanism, GO™ RFID Wristbands will stop functioning once removed from the patron’s wrist. They cannot be put back together, protecting your patrons from fraudulent purchasing, and preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas.


Made of a soft, flexible plastic, GO™ RFID Wristbands are designed to remain comfortable and functional when worn for days at a time. They are completely waterproof, and can withstand all normal wear and tear in active environments.


Putting a sponsor’s logo on a GO™ RFID Wristband is equivalent to putting that logo on every dollar bill in a patron’s wallet.  Patrons wearing sponsored wristbands are much more likely to purchase the sponsor’s product, on and off-site