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Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks are always looking for new and exciting ways to improve their guests’ overall experience.

The GO™ RFID Wristband opens new opportunities for marketing and operational management in amusement parks. These opportunities are characterized as follows:

  • Increased attractiveness due to differentiated packaging of services
  • Increased efficiency and profit due to simplified payment processes
  • Total control of patron- and money-flow

Segmentation of patrons by their preferences allows for designing optimized packages. Even all-inclusive packages can be further segmented to better meet patron requirements (e.g. gold/silver/bronze). The GO™ RFID Wristbands’ non-transferability eliminates any unauthorized transfer of services. Patrons are happier to pay for services that they actually receive. Personalized combos (e.g. ticket + lunch special + musical) can target new patrons and better serve existing patrons.

Payment becomes more secure, efficient and convenient. When the GO™ RFID Wristband is in proximity to a reader (either stationary or mobile), the transaction is processed instantly. Empirical studies have demonstrated that per capita spending for food, beverages and merchandising increases by 15% to 20%. Additionally, patron feedback was excellent, which is the basis for sustained success.

A cash-free amusement park allows for simpler and better control of patron- and money-flow, eliminating the leakage and employee theft problems associated with cash. Service can be completely dedicated to the patrons, guaranteeing a unique experience.

Each GO™ RFID Wristband transaction provides valuable information about patron- and cash-flow. This data is critical for venues focused on enhancing their guests’ experiences now and in the future.

Case study: Wet’n Wild® Orlando, Florida

Since spring 2006, Wet ’n Wild® Orlando, the largest water park in the U.S. and one of Universal Studio’s most popular attractions, has used GO™ RFID Wristbands to improve the guest experience at their water park. At the ticket booths, patrons activate their wristband and use it to make payments at any of the more than 50 points-of-sale throughout the park.

In addition to the measured economic value, patrons are really enthusiastic about this new and convenient method of paying.

  • “I love the convenience of not having to carry anything around the park with me.”
  • “It’s so easy, every park should have this.”
  • “This system is so perfect that it is going to bring me back to this park next time I am in Orlando.”
  • “I am very impressed. It made my stay here much easier and more enjoyable.”
  • “You don’t have to keep going back to your locker to get money.”

Link: http://www.wetnwildorlando.com/pages/press.html#