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Purse, wallet...very inconvenient to wear and care, for clubbers. “Next round!” It does not matter whether you pay cash or credit. Both are inefficient and mean waiting on change or receipts, a painful experience repeated over and over again during the party.

Today, in-locations put tremendous effort into access control. The logical next step is a combined medium for secure access control (including different access levels such as tables and lounges) and efficient payment. Guests register upon club entry (once-only registration with credit card and age verification) and -- with their GO™ RFID Wristband -- obtain access to assigned club areas and are ready to order. Time consuming payment processes with cash or credit card are history, for both guest and service staff.

The GO™ RFID Wristband is also perfectly suited to offer combos for access and consumption (prepaid packages), both for single clubs and club networks. Checkroom control is just another application where efficiency can be increased with the GO™ RFID Wristband.

Together, these improvements increase efficiency and, as a result, revenue.