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Sun, beach and ocean, but where to put keys and cash? With the GO™ RFID Wristband it’s all right on your wrist! Your GO™ RFID Wristband is both a hotel room key and wallet. The simple and efficient payment procedure with GO™ RFID Wristbands saves time and increases revenue. In combination with mobile devices such as Orderman® or Pocket PC’s, the service quality can be increased significantly.

Operational efficiency and top-level service are key determinants of sustained success at world-leading hotels and resorts. During peak season, everything must flow smoothly. The GO™ RFID Wristband can make operations easier and more secure and improve the overall quality of service.

In all-inclusive resorts GO™ RFID Wristbands can be used to provide different packages (gold/silver/bronze) which serve different customer types. Additionally, the wristband can be used to purchase extra goods or services that are sold separately.

Families can decide which services can be purchased by whom. The GO™ RFID Wirstband’s can also be used for age verification when guests are purchasing alcoholic beverages. Because the wristband is non-transferable, an age check is only necessary once. Guests can check their current spending balance at designated terminals.